Dignity is a basic human right, skin colour, age, disability and gender does not negate this fact and as such we strive to engender this in how we care for our clients. 
We must remember that people deserve respect. How we address someone in the first instance is very important, we cannot assume that the person in question wants to be addressed by their first name. We must wait for permission to be given to us by the our client. 
We need to treat each person individualy. Beliefs, needs and wants must be respected and individual care is to be tailored to suit. Speaking to family can get a good insight into the persons needs but the best way to find out what care is needed is to talk to the client. 
Dignity and respect must also be used in the clients home as well as the care home setting. We realise that supporting someone at home can be challenging, not only for the carer but for the client as well. A persons home, belongings and space are all to be respected at all times. It may be difficult for a client to accept a stranger coming into their home, care must be taken to earn trust and the best way to gain this is to show respect at all times. 
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